We are a digital
growth accelerator


That works with passionate founders and corporate leaders to tackle validated market opportunities. Wekan offers a proprietary process and mix of services to a highly-vetted selection of partner companies.

From Product Development, to Growth Marketing and Access to capital, our leadership team works hand in hand with decision makers to plan and effectively execute on their businesses’ growth roadmap.

Our marketing

WeKan’s grow experts works with our founders to layout the foundation for grow marketing and identify online channels that will deliver stable grow to the business. From strategic planning to execution support, we offer our partners the right combination of technical skill and affordable execution talent to ensure the greatest impact and scalability.

We have a strong
Tech foundation

WeKan’s technology & Product backbone is a core engine fueling business growth for our partners. Our technology hub composed of 60+ experienced engineers, focus on drive innovation and delivering top notch technology solutions to the various business problems solved by our portfolio of companies.

Our funding

Through VCs in residence, we give startups visibility on industry benchmarks and help them get prepared to successfully raise the next round. Over the years, we have also developed a strong network of angel and institutional investors looking for the next opportunity. After our acceleration program, WeKan participates in all of our graduates’ series A.

Entrepreneurs for

We leverage our team’s own successful entrepreneurial experience and deep roots in the global startup ecosystem to consistently drive growth. WeKan was built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs with the objective to help startups access the right tools and resources to navigate the risky early stages and grow in an accelerated manner to their first institutional financing.

The problems we are helping to solve

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